Beef + Black Pepper Sauce {Guest Post @Christine’s Kitchen Chronicles}

Happy Wednesday, lovelies!

I’m so honored to be guest-posting over at Christine’s Kitchen Chronicles today. I “met” Christine via a mutual friend. I saw a news feed from her Facebook page (oh technology!) and was intrigued by her tagline “engineer by day, cooking wife by night” – because well, that’s like me!

So head on over to her site to and check out the Beef with Black Pepper Sauce I whipped up over the weekend (I promise my next recipe won’t be an Asian dish… you’re getting tired.. I know I know…)

While you’re there, don’t forget to check out her delicious recipes! She’s got so many to choose from!

I can’t wait to try her Creamed Corn… or maybe the Watermelon Slush… Aaah! I’m in serious denial that summer never ended… sigh.

Christine, your watermelon slush is making me dream of my honeymoon all over again.. You see, it reminds me of the never-ending fresh watermelon juice we had during our stay at the Nikko Bali Resort & Spa… a-ha! I slipped in a Wedding Wednesday after all! ;) V monster, you’re right, I’m obsessed with weddings.

Thank you, Christine, for letting me guest post at your site :) It’s been a blast and I hope you have a fun-mazing time traveling this month!

Until next time… please whisk me away… back to BALI!

a girl can dream… xo,


2 thoughts on “Beef + Black Pepper Sauce {Guest Post @Christine’s Kitchen Chronicles}

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