A DIY Weekend

Happy Monday! What a glorious short week at work this will be :)

I stayed in most of the time this weekend since I wasn’t feeling well. I’m not sure if I’m getting a cold or if it’s just allergies, but I can’t stop sneezing and my eyes are so watery all the times!

Since I had to keep myself busy, I decided to work on my Pinterest projects.

Here they are:

Project 1: Wedding Program Christmas Ornament

Project 2: Bridal Shower “Flash” Cards {inspired by Something Turquoise}

For my food lovers, worry not. Just because I’m sick doesn’t mean I didn’t cook/eat. I made oven-roasted brussel sprouts (yes, I love them too much), chicken & pork tonkatsu, and am now in the process of making Char Siu Bao, i.e. Chinese Steamed Pork Buns.

I’m semi angry at myself because I went to Flushing and forgot to buy Char Siu. Now I’m making my own version which is so much more work. We’ll see if this is worth the time :)

Until next time lovelies, have an awesome short week at work, and a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend!



4 thoughts on “A DIY Weekend

  1. Hope you feel better soon. Being sick over the holidays stinks :(. Also, great job on the pinterest projects! I seem to bookmark them but never actually do them…gotta change that. Can’t wait to see how your char siu bao turn out! You’re so lucky to be able to buy char siu…we don’t easily have that option here in the Midwest!

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