Give Thanks

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Yes, it’s so cliché.

With tomorrow being Thanksgiving, I’d like to pause for a little and reflect on everything I have (and don’t have) and be thankful.

I’m thankful for the little sweet gestures life throws every once in a while. Like earlier at 10:15 pm today when my faucet literally fell off as I was preparing the brine for my turkey. I’m so thankful for the maintenance guy who joyfully fixed it within 10 minutes! I could not have imagined having Thanksgiving meal tomorrow without him being so helpful.

or when the gentleman in front of me graciously offered me to get in the cab first so I didn’t have to wait in the cold. I mean, this is New York City and people just don’t do that!

There are so many little and big things to be thankful for, but most importantly, I’m thankful for my family and friends. My support system who’s been with me through thick and thin especially this year. I’m thankful for a loving husband, despite his crazy schedule :)

I’m also thankful for the opportunity to share this blog with you. To share my passion for everything kitchen and everything wedding. It’s overwhelming what the blogging community can do.

So thank you, bloggers, for being my virtual friends, for listening to my ramblings and giving me feedback on my adventures.

Cheers to you and Happy Thanksgiving!



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