Sparkle and Follow Your Heart

Hello all,

I want to wish you a SPARKLY New Year 2013! :)


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2012 has been an amazing year, and I can’t wait for more adventures in 2013!

Some highlights this year….


1. Brian graduated from Med School and matched to a hospital in New York – I’m thankful we didn’t have to move West (though that would be fun, too!)


2. My sister graduated from Architecture School and moved to Hong Kong! We found out during her stay in our apartment and popped a bottle of Blue Label to celebrate. Amazing-ness awaits her and I could not have been more proud.


3. I married my best friend surrounded by family and friends. Best Day Ever.


4. We honeymooned in my homeland, Indonesia, and also Hawaii. I’m so grateful that during this trip, God gave me the opportunity to see my grandpa one last time, with my husband.

5. I started this blog, Whisks & Ruffles, on my birthday.

6. Sandy hit and we luckily escaped unscathed despite being in Evacuation Zone A. Some others weren’t so lucky.


7. My grandpa passed away the same day Sandy hit. Through the mourning, the experience brought our family closer together. I love you, grandpa.

With #7, I learned that life is just too short;

which brings me to my 2013 goal (yes, I’m calling it a goal, not a resolution, just because):

To follow my heart and seize the day.

Oh but with following my heart, I’ll be sure to take my brain with me.


follow your heart

More Whisks & Ruffles to come in 2013!



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