Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Happy Wedding Wednesday, my lovelies! I’m taking a mid-week break from the recipe/food posts to reminisce about the happiest day of our lives. I’m also having post-wedding planning blues, so I hope we can enjoy these fabulous pictures together!

To somewhat transition from my earlier posts, let’s start with desserts!

Pistachio & Vanilla Macarons – I think these were the first to be gone!

These were definitely my favorites <3

hand-made cake topper :) so sad some of the glitter came off :( but still super pretty!

LOVE our carnival stations!!

and if you think these were just for show… think again! we had so much fun with our desserts & carnival stations :)

caked! he was too sweet and didn’t get me in return :) but i cleaned up my mess, if you know what i mean ;)

dr.b’s specialty: catching popcorns. i wonder if he learned that in med school?

nice catch, b.

hooray! best day ever.

i’m one lucky girl.



All photos by Acqua Photo. Desserts by Sweet & Saucy Shop. Dessert station styling by My Bride Story.

Commitment: Chocolate Cupcakes @11pm!

This past Thursday I had a wonderful dinner date with the ever-so-talented Tamra of Ever Swoon at Lure Fishbar. This is a gal who moved from Texas to live her big city dreams in New York, married the love of her life, left her corporate job, and started her own event planning/styling company. What an inspirational young lady, and I’m so glad we got to know each other a bit more =) I can’t wait for more dinner/drink dates! Everyone head over to her site & leave her some love! (and hire her for your events!):

Meanwhile, the timing for a good friend & coworker’s office bridal shower couldn’t be worse (last minute office planning you see)… I volunteered to be in charge of desserts, and I wanted so badly to cop out and simply buy cupcakes from Magnolia’s Bakery, but Christy’s a good friend, and I can’t do that… so there I was whisking away Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting, at 11pm on a Thursday night! *after a few cocktails too! ;) WAHOO! GO ME!


The cupcake queen is back indeed.

I used Magnolia Bakery’s Cookbook. I can’t remember who gave it to me (don’t be mad if you’re reading this) – but in the interest of time it was the first book I grabbed.

Photo Credit to my sister Diana of Atelier Mejiku {check out her site for design services}

Here’s the finished product – don’t you just adore the letter hearts? Don’t worry, even the inks are edible =)

Oh, and here’s a time stamp from the oven clock:

Check out the full gallery here:

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Did you ever bake so late into the nights? What was it for? I want to hear ALL about it!

Until next time, I’m whisking myself away, to bed!