Commitment: Chocolate Cupcakes @11pm!

This past Thursday I had a wonderful dinner date with the ever-so-talented Tamra of Ever Swoon at Lure Fishbar. This is a gal who moved from Texas to live her big city dreams in New York, married the love of her life, left her corporate job, and started her own event planning/styling company. What an inspirational young lady, and I’m so glad we got to know each other a bit more =) I can’t wait for more dinner/drink dates! Everyone head over to her site & leave her some love! (and hire her for your events!):

Meanwhile, the timing for a good friend & coworker’s office bridal shower couldn’t be worse (last minute office planning you see)… I volunteered to be in charge of desserts, and I wanted so badly to cop out and simply buy cupcakes from Magnolia’s Bakery, but Christy’s a good friend, and I can’t do that… so there I was whisking away Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Caramel Frosting, at 11pm on a Thursday night! *after a few cocktails too! ;) WAHOO! GO ME!


The cupcake queen is back indeed.

I used Magnolia Bakery’s Cookbook. I can’t remember who gave it to me (don’t be mad if you’re reading this) – but in the interest of time it was the first book I grabbed.

Photo Credit to my sister Diana of Atelier Mejiku {check out her site for design services}

Here’s the finished product – don’t you just adore the letter hearts? Don’t worry, even the inks are edible =)

Oh, and here’s a time stamp from the oven clock:

Check out the full gallery here:

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Did you ever bake so late into the nights? What was it for? I want to hear ALL about it!

Until next time, I’m whisking myself away, to bed!



Cupcakes, Spice Girls, and Company – what a perfect Sunday night!

Ladies & Gentlemen… **drum roll please**

The cupcakes are BACK!

I’ve been without them for far too long and my kitchenAid stand mixer was really missing some cake action… so there I was on Sunday afternoon, whisking away in my kitchen… with a company! My friend Sunshine came to visit from out-of-town and we had a blast baking & decorating cupcakes together! Oh, and we were joined by the hubs, dr. R and Knockrz for a delicious kbbq dinner followed by viewing of the Olympics Closing Ceremony… which featured, you guessed it – the SPICE GIRLS!! YEAH! Wannabe!


The choice was Lemon Cupcakes with Lemon Custard and Vanilla Buttercream – Why lemons?  Because I had way too many in my fridge and need to somehow get rid of them. They’re also  yellow and would go perfect as the “fire” on my Olympics Torch. Yes yes, I’m a little too late and should have baked these for the Olympics Opening Ceremony, but oh well!

I used Martha’s Stewart recipe for Lemon Meringue Cupcake, but changed the frosting to a vanilla buttercream**. I ran out of regular sugar but had 10 lbs of confectioners sugar (crazy, right???), so it worked out. I was a bit sad because I wanted to use my kitchen torch to brown the meringue peaks, but I guess that can wait.

**For those of you who just started baking, buttercream is really easy to make. Whisk together butter (room temperature) with confectioners sugar, then add milk and keep whisking until you get a fluffy consistency you like. Add some vanilla extract to flavor. I used my friend Sunshine as a taste tester ;) Hehe…

Don’t forget to follow their recipe for the lemon curd. It makes for a wonderful “surprise” when eating the cupcakes =) I used the handy dandy cupcake corer (YES! it exists) to make a hole in the cupcakes & Sunshine filled them with the lemon curd. Awesomeness!

image courtesy of

Enjoy the picture gallery! (click on the picture for full-size image)

Good night, cupcake lovers!