Apple Pocket Pies!

Happy Friday! I hope you had a lovely week, though for me it felt like the longest week ever! I guess that’s what I get for having way too much fun last weekend at the Oyster Festival and Apple Picking Farm!

What did I do with them apples? Well, remember my previous post? I made Apple Pocket Pies! Yes, we even went to Williams Sonoma to get these adorable pocket pie molds:

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For the crust, I followed recipe I got from Smitten Kitchen. The crust turned out super nice – buttery & flaky. I don’t think I will even attempt to modify the recipe a slight bit because it was simply perfect, even for first-time pie-maker like me!

For the pocket pie filling, I cubed granny smith apples (4-5 of them which was WAY too much, so I’d use 1-2 apples if I were you), and cook them with 1 tablespoon of butter over medium heat. Introduce some water and corn starch, and cook until soft/your desired crunchiness. Season with brown sugar (about 2 tablespoons… okay maybe more like 4.. adjust to your liking), and a few dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Remove from heat.

Roll out your dough about 3-4mm thick (yes, I estimate using the metric system), cut the individual pie crusts using the pocket pie molds (or you can just use a cookie cutter with at least 2.5″ diameter, but be sure to make a small hole to vent on one of the sides!), fill with the apple filling, seal, brush the top with some egg wash, and bake for 25 minutes in 400F oven.

Mmmmm super amazing flaky crust…. yes, not the best picture ever, but they were delicious! I did wish we had some vanilla ice cream to go with them. Oh well! next time!

I hope you enjoyed my pie-making post. This was definitely a great first experience for me especially in terms of making the crust. I was a bit intimidated at first and seriously followed the Smitten Kitchen recipe and lo and behold, perfect crust!

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Framewall and Apple Pies…

Hello Lovelies!

Did you miss me? Of course not. You barely noticed I was gone ;) Thanks so much again for the warm wishes on the One Lovely Blog Award nomination. I’m still so smitten. Yes, it’s a community award, but hey, you guys are what’s most important, right? Ah, but I’ve been super swamped at work lately that I have a huge backlog of food pictures to share with you all! I mean, I even bought ingredients to make cupcakes this past weekend and I never got to them! UGHH!!

Oh but I did finally finish our framewall :) they’re pictures from our honeymoon in Indonesia and Hawaii. I’m so proud of ourselves! O… can you see the monkeys? The big one on the left took our guide’s water bottle and we snapped a picture of him enjoying his purified water hehe…

and… I can’t wait for this coming weekend!! My bestie is coming from Cali and bringing her puppy Cali :) Yes, the puppy’s name is Cali, short for Caliente ;) *wink. This weekend is also the Oyster Festival in Long Island. EEEP!! I’m so excited to eat them oysters. OH and we’re also going apple picking with 2 other married couple friends on Sunday. YUM!

Talking about them apples.. what do you think I should do? Facebook lead me to these 2 awesome links: Apple Pie COOKIES!!! and Apple Pie POPS!

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I guess we’ll just have to find out….

Sorry this blog post is all over the place… lots to catch up with and I can’t wait to whisk away this weekend!