Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Happy Wedding Wednesday, my lovelies! I’m taking a mid-week break from the recipe/food posts to reminisce about the happiest day of our lives. I’m also having post-wedding planning blues, so I hope we can enjoy these fabulous pictures together!

To somewhat transition from my earlier posts, let’s start with desserts!

Pistachio & Vanilla Macarons – I think these were the first to be gone!

These were definitely my favorites <3

hand-made cake topper :) so sad some of the glitter came off :( but still super pretty!

LOVE our carnival stations!!

and if you think these were just for show… think again! we had so much fun with our desserts & carnival stations :)

caked! he was too sweet and didn’t get me in return :) but i cleaned up my mess, if you know what i mean ;)

dr.b’s specialty: catching popcorns. i wonder if he learned that in med school?

nice catch, b.

hooray! best day ever.

i’m one lucky girl.



All photos by Acqua Photo. Desserts by Sweet & Saucy Shop. Dessert station styling by My Bride Story.