A Dangerous Blue Crabs Weekend

Asian Blue Crabs!

Happy Monday, Lovelies! This past weekend went by too quickly! The hubs had Saturday off, so we went to the Hoboken Italian Festival and hung out with some old friends. I miss Hoboken so much! What a cute little town with lots of good restaurants. We had our share of carnival foods – grilled corn, kabobs, Italian sausages… mm! We’re such suckers for carnivals… even our wedding was carnival-themed… we’re crazy, we know.

But! Did you know this weekend was the Hammer & Claws Blue Crab Feast weekend? A friend’s Facebook post showed up on my news feed and I was suddenly obsessed with CRABS! Dr. B had to work on Sunday morning, so his schedule didn’t allow us to go to the feast (plus we didn’t think we could eat $89 worth of crabs/person – say what?! why so expensive!!). I was a bit disheartened but I was determined to eat some crabs! I’m drooling now as I’m writing this even after I ate my fair share of crabs…

I convinced him to go on a date to Brooklyn and we had some ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory (for the record, it was nothing spectacular), then we took a cab to Chinatown. Yes, we were too lazy to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, which was our original romantical idea.

Mmm… Vanilla Chocolate Chunk & Strawberry! O! and check out the couple in the background ;)

We got 6 LIVE Blue Crabs for $6 (WIN!) at the Win Choy Food Market. While I was there I think I saw Maangchi, but I was too intimidated to ask if it was her (what if it wasn’t?!! so embarrassing!). On a tangent, if you liked my Korean Feast, you should head over to her site for more goodies!

OK.. enough of the weekend recap. More on the CRABS!

$6 for 1/2 dozen. WIN!

They were moving in the bags as we carried them through the Subway…

I found this Asian Crab Recipe by Guy Fieri. He’s my hero, so I had to follow his recipe. He used Dungeness Crabs but the Blue Crabs we used worked just fine. I modified the recipe very slightly…

Asian Blue Crabs & Shrimps:

  • 6 Pieces Blue Crabs, CLEANED and cut into pieces
  • 1/2 Lbs. Tiger Shrimps (or whatever decent-sized shrimps you can find), peeled & deveined, tails on
  • 8 Cloves of Garlic, minced well
  • 3 Tbsp. Canola Oil
  • 4 Tbsp. Hoisin Sauce (I LOVE Lee Kum Kee Brand!)
  • 1 Tbsp. Sambal Oelek
  • 3 Tbsp. Black Bean Garlic Sauce
  • 1/4 Cup White Wine (I used Barton & Guestier Vouvray 2011 and we drank the rest of the bottle, yeah!)
  • 1 Bunch of Green Onions, sliced diagonally (it’s prettier that way)

First, clean the crabs… This was probably the longest process out of this whole recipe since I was a scaredy cat. It’s probably best to clean them while they’re still alive, but I was way too nervous so I steamed them first for about 8 minutes and then followed this YouTube video to clean them. One day, I will perhaps have the courage to do it the proper way. But seriously! These crabs were terrifying! and can be quite dangerous seeing how they tried to cling on to the tongs Dr. B used to pick them up! Look at this guy staring at us… aaaah!!

He stared at us. FOR REAL!

After we steamed & cleaned them, we cut them into pieces:

Steamed Crabs! Ready to be stir-fry’ed

After all that, heat Canola Oil over medium-high heat in a large work. Add garlic & stir until starting to brown & fragrant, about 1-2 minutes. Add shrimps and saute for about 3 minutes. Add hoisin, sambal oelek, black bean garlic sauce, and white wine. Wait until the wine bubbles. Add crabs. Toss toss toss… for about 1-2 minutes. Add the green onions, and toss for 30 seconds.

(almost) all the ingredients

Remove from heat, serve & NOM NOM! We ate ours with… you guessed it, steamed white rice! We ate with our fingers, because well… there’s just no clean way to eat crabs =) I don’t think Dr. B loved how much effort went into this crab dinner, but I surely did! Finger-lickin’ goodness.. YUMS!!

Until next time lovelies, keep whisking (or stir-frying!) away in your kitchen(s)!